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Services for Adults

DLS can help individuals and families of adults with disabilities find transportation, a place to live, assistance with daily living skills, employment support, and help accessing other community supports. 

Individuals and families of adults with disabilities come to us with various needs and expectations. Some families need help starting the process of applying to the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) or applying for Social Security Income (SSI); some have specific goals such as finding the right day program or employment services for their family member. Some individuals need coaching around social skills or self advocacy; some need assistance with benefit applications or recertification. We will help individuals and families achieve all of their goals.

Families of adults with disabilities who need assistance will be paired with a Family Advocate who is knowledgeable about adult services and benefits. Together, they will identify and work towards the family’s goals. Adults with mental illness, autism spectrum disorder, and other disabilities work directly with a clinical case manager, who will create a partnership with the individual to identify goals that lead to a more meaningful and purposeful life. Sometimes, a family member may work with a Family Advocate on goals, while their adult loved one works with a clinical case manager on separate goals. Each case is unique, and our team has the knowledge and expertise to tailor services to best meet the needs of every individual.

Lifecare Planning

Help develop and implement comprehensive, personalized plans that address immediate concerns and future needs. Ongoing assistance is available to monitor and modify plans as needs change over time.

Assistance Accessing Community Housing

Guidance and hands-on assistance to help families find residential programs that meet individuals' needs and preferences, secure placement, and access available funding. We help individuals apply for Section 8 housing support and advise clients on the myriad of housing options available.

Benefits and Resource Navigation

Expert guidance accessing, and coordinating, and advocating for public and private benefits and services, including Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Medicare, MassHealth, SNAP (food stamps), Department of Mental Health, Department of Developmental Services, day programs, social groups, and other financial assistance programs. 

Healthcare Planning and Care Coordination

Help finding physicians, dentists, mental health providers, and other healthcare providers who specialize in serving adults with disabilities. Family Advocates and Clinical Case Managers can also work with an individual’s other providers and informal support team, including healthcare and mental health providers, housing supports, and families to help the individual coordinate their services and encourage collaboration among the different providers. 

Coaching and Life Skills Training 
Clinical Case Mangers form a partnership with individuals to help them identify and work towards goals that will improve their daily living, organizational, social, and vocational skills including money management, travel training and community access, forming social connections, and self-advocacy.  Work towards these goals results in the individual leading a more purposeful, meaningful, and independent life.

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